Ouch! Not every girl is A Gold Digger


We, men we always have a statement saying that “ not every girl is a gold digger but every gold digger is a girl” this should be proven wrong or right it depends to the sample of experimenter but let try to figure out why not every girls is a gold digger.

Before we continue ,have your ever meet a gold digger, have you ever pay a girl for giving you a body pleasure ,I mean sex. if yes, I want to tell you that ,the moment you pay for sex you were not gold dug that’s was only prostitutions fees or something else. But if you have ever buy a car,house….paid rent for a girl whom you  didn’t tie a knot with or who’s not homeless. My brother that was gold digger affair.

But let assume that you are rich ,have you ever need a sexy girl and you can’t have her because she has more money than you do. That’s was what really explains that not every girl is a gold digger cause sometime love has to works too .as Andrea Espada played it In this Vine.



Not only money could impress a really woman but heart too.



By the way the Eyewitness  Scarlett Kennedy has told us that it’s hard to be a gold digger during someone’s whole life too.

“Personally, I have been a gold digger. Roughly 4 years ago I was. Eventually I got tired because there were strings attached. Either they wanted be to be their wives or just a sex toy. I didn’t want to be a seX toy  but I liked the idea of becoming a wife of a rich man.

I got really tired of it  because they wanted and expected me to be a person I wasn’t. A lot of them were just superficial. I would play along but I didn’t really care. I didn’t care which restaurant we went to. Or getting a limo for an event. I wanted to stop depending on them.

So now, I’m a gold digger for my own  life. Not men.” She confessed



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