Ouch! Popular instagram Model’s booty  was botched as she is enlarging it for shaking Adult films!

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Dominican Bombshell Strellakat has been clowned the Queen of Butt  or men magnet on instagram due to her inflatable booty .,Strellakat has created her own website as she preparing herself to  shake X industry .

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Strellakat before surgeries
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After surgeries

Strella’s Booty has been doubled alongside her boobs ,she did all of this fo getting ready to adult flims.

“Hi ,its your girl Strella Kat and besides my social network accounts, here is the only place where I will post my most sexy, erotic, and of course nude pics and videos. I made this site especially for my fans, so if you want to be a part of the secret special moments of the fun i have, Join now. Your VIP account will provide you all with my latest photoshoots, private webcam shoots, and loads of video, so if you wanna keep up with me, join in, come inside, and have some fun with me… Besos” she wrote on her website

So soon Strella is arranging her affair to work with popular Adult industries like Vivid ,Uporn and Pornhub

when being Thot becomes a work

Strella settles to webcam shoots for $150 during 20 min only ,her booty is watering some mouths and other folkes are claiming it to be molded.

“Damn!! I love this woman. Sometimes she looks like she lost too much weight then In see sh*t like this and her ass looks so big and heavy ” one of Admirer said “One of the best shaped on IG, shake it baby!!”  other added





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