Rapper 21 savage and belle AMBER ROSE are having a huge fight and causing major heat on instagram


People have jumped all over 21 Savage for his relationship with Amber Rose and MTO is reporting that they’re having it out online. There was an Instagram post which made them look twice – will you agree this is about Rose?
Were you skeptical when you heard these two started dating, or, did you see them as a pretty good fit? Do you make judgments on who should be together or, do you figure that’s no one’s business but the couple’s?
What’s with the shaming, too, of supporting your partner in his or her interests? Look at you own relationships – do you occasionally do things that matter more to your partner than to you just to spend time with him or her? Click on through to see what MTO found on 21 Savage’s IG.

After 21 Savage attended the SlutWalk and carried a sign for his GF, he took a lot of heat from followers. He and Rose blasted people for giving them a hard time on social media, so, how likely is it that they would already be fighting?

21 Savage told the world on social media to lay off – on his own behalf and Rose’s. He said the SlutWalk was a great time and people needed to mind their own business.

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So, when MTO came across a single message which calls out no names, were they making a sound assumption as to whom the message was intended? Or, are they stretching it to please those who want to see a fight?

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Consider 21 Savage has a public career, there are more people in his life than Rose and they could be just as guilty as anyone for making him feel “betrayed.” Have you ever used that word for people at work or your friends?

Rose and 21 Savage did move fast for their audience. Though there was talk of their quietly dating for a long time before they started tell others, you may recall Rose turned up the volume this year on how serious she wanted to be.

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