Ridiculous family : Husband and his wife take nekkid pictures as souvenir of their wedding day! how are they looking with no clothes on


A popular MODEL and PHOTOGRAPHER is coming under fire for taking some UNORTHODOX pictures with his wife. The model, Stephen Midgett, decided to commemorate his marriage – by taking pics.

His beautiful wife was wearing her wedding dress. And Stephen . . . well he was wearing NOTHING but a BURGER KING CROWN.

Here are his Instagram posts:


  • stephenmidgett“ man i don’t know how she deals with him” …. easy because I’ve always been myself I’ve never changed up . She seen who i was , embraced and accepted me in all my craziness . Many people miss out on blessing looking for perfection in someone or trying to change someone . Be who you are and allow someone to see u for u and make the choice to deal with it or not . CHOICE being keyword . A lot of wasted time faking out here . Photos by me #burger #burgerking #timberland #snacks #love #marriage #clinicallyunstable #king #queen#royalty #blacklove #imperfect #perfect #mykidsnudisttoo #yinyang ( edited since most people don’t catch the subliminal so I’ll explain “aw he got on a bk crown “… yes because my queen can have it her way . Everything has a symbolic meaning even the Tim’s . Those are because I’ll stump a mud hole out of anyone for mine 2-100. I’m naked to Show I’m stripped down for her . Also to show my strength . I’m strong enough to fight for this . Explanation not necessary but now u know )

We have nothing to say.

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