Russian brunette Nadeea Volianova block Miami beach with boobs in mind-blowing snaps

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The blonde beauty is one of Russia’s biggest singers.But it isn’t just her voice that attracts fans to Nadeea.No, the star is one of the hottest gals on the planet, thanks to her blonde locks and impressive figureNadeea Volianova, an American singer of Russian/French descent, stripped off to reveal while frolicking in the sand.

Nadeea stripped off during a saucy photoshoot on a beach

SEX SELLS: Nadeea is known for her X-rated snaps

Never one to shy away from flashing the flesh, the singer has posed for a seriously racy photoshoot.Selecting the trusty beach as her stage, Nadeea quickly stripped off to reveal her more than ample assets.Clutching at her naked breasts, the star turned the heat up to 1000 – bending over to expose as much of her cleavage as possible

Her social media channels are flooded with support for various causes including the sale and treatment of dogs around the world.


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