Sex mad show hits the TV screens: “You’re the kinda girl I could bang in a toilet”


ONLY In Bristol will finally be available to watch online.

The sex mad show about 10 Bristolians living in a house together has been picked up by online streaming channel Vimeo, in association with Jackass TV.

And the show definitely won’t disappoint, if the teaser clip is anything to go by.

Viewers can see a sneak peek of the gang’s first night in the house, which saw the group of 20 somethings get to know each other in every sense of the word.

It seemed they were all very excited to be in the house as chaos erupted after they were given a supply of alcohol with three couples ‘banging’ on the first night.

Housemate Sofia revealed that she got steamy with Harry Styles lookalike in the toilet, saying: “We were up against the wall, just having a bit of a rub and that.”

The blonde then revealed that porn star Matt slept with fellow housemate Amelia after telling Sofia that “she was the kind of girl he could have a in a toilet cubicle”.


In the most shocking pairing of the night, gay housemate Jed slept with Holly in the house’s swimming pool after one too many drinks.

He cheekily told her: “I specifically remember you telling me, ‘I’ve always wanted to shag a gay bloke’.

“And I was thinking after a couple of beers, ‘maybe I could be your one’.

The ginger added: “It was when you pulled your bikini bottoms to one side… yes you did.”

It looks like this series is going to be utter carnage.

The show will be available to watch on Vimeo soon, after a whopping 1,500,000 views online and celebrity endorsements from the likes of Jackass’ Steve-O.



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