Sexy brunette strips to underwear as prank turns to X rated( Video)

Kristen Hanby and his stunning girlfriend Bambi went viral last week for their saucy take on the “I Dare You” challenge – in which people dare each other to perform tasks in public.

The brunette shamelessly dropped her shorts and twerked half-naked in a shopping centre in the clip.

But she’s gone one step further in Kristen’s latest video.

Bambi is seen wearing a pink bra under some denim dungarees at the beginning of the clip, filmed on Los Angeles’ iconic Walk of Fame.

Bambi stripping naked

“I dare you to go there, scream ‘get it off me’, go crazy and take this [her dungaree] off,” her partner then says.


Despite her look of sheer dread, she obliges and within moments is whipping off her outfit.

A large crowd of tourists can’t help but stare at the bizarre turn of events.

Eventually, she manages to get her own back on her lad, by getting a complete stranger to slap him.


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