Stunning sexy Naked News babes strip for starkers sexy Pictionary


The busty newshounds, known for their naked features, presented a round of the beloved Brit game completely in the buff.

Eila Adams, Kat Curtis, Natasha Olenski and Whitney St John all took it in turns to pit their wits against each other.

In one scene, the girls put forward a series of cheeky innuendos when one attempted to draw an igloo.

But in another clip, the girls were left flummoxed at attempts to draw a sign for Washington.

The Naked News girls have been causing a stir since their programme started in 1998.

Recent stunts have seen them in various compromising yoga positions and another saw main presenter Jenny Scordamaglia have her boobs measured.


And the channel’s 60,000 followers regularly tune in for their 25 minute news bulletins.

Scordamaglia has hit out at critics who have labelled the channel as just porn.

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