The handsome Player gets rejected by Mia Khalifa on Twitter after sending her some messages


Here is the report from NYdailynews:

Willson Contreras is on the DL but he’s still swinging and missing.

The Cubs catcher was put on blast by former porn star Mia Khalifa Tuesday night after he very unsuccessfully slid into her DMs.

“Cubbies, your man’s is wandering around left field. Can you come get him? @Cubs,” Khalifa tweeted with two screenshots of Contreras messaging her on Twitter.

Contreras began the conversation on August 4th with a simple “Hi how are you?”

A minute later he got more to the point with “I’m sure you get this a lot but I’m a big fan of you.”

Some emojis later and a plead for Khalifa to “just say hi,” she shut the entire thing down with one word:

Over the next ten days, he tried again to start a conversation with her, highlighted by “Mi friend” with a fire emoji.

Khalifa got fed up when, after a few weeks hiatus, Contreras messaged her on Tuesday with “I hope you’re doing good.”

With this level of humiliation, Contreras might have to spend an extra few days on the DL.

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