The strongest woman


Splatalot was  a medieval-themed mess … literally. Each episode 12 thrill-seeking teens, known as the attackers, enter the show’s castle-themed obstacle course, which includes a sludge-filled moat, and take on the six medieval gladiators, known as defenders. This show is played on CBC, YTV  but you can’t get enough of it . when it comes to a woman as a challenger it becomes more than interesting  as this video shows

The internet is a wonderful tool. Sometimes it provides vast amounts of useful information. Sometimes it provides wasted hours of entertainment!

this an asinine ‘game’ show  also called Wipeout. It was  an obstacle course on steroids that’s impossible to finish and hilarious to watch. (and for the record I am completely hooked on the show) While surfing around the internet tonight I found a similar show out of Canada geared toward kids and with a medieval castle theme!

This show had retained the attention of internet as one of viewer commented “If they were pushing me and shoving me with the fake weapons I would grab it from them and shove them down’ and other added “I use to watch this show until Nick in America stop showing this show. Also I’m shock no kid got hurt on this show”

Anyway Suppose that you were suggested to  play in this show, would you be an attacker or a defender ?

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