‘They have SEX in the street!’ Magaluf party Brits told to leave because of their Naughty behaviour


A crackdown on drunk fun is under way with the new mayor in party resort Magaluf waging war against tourists.

Strip clubs are shut and messy bar crawls have been banned.
The local authority has rolled out a list of 64 banned activities including nudity, drinking alcohol in public spaces and even climbing trees.

But despite this Brits have been flouting the bans and have got even more wild.

They are getting boozy and naked in public.

Now UK expats have hit out at misbehaving Brits.

Brit Tracy Annette said UK tourists intent on getting boozed-up are “destroying” Magaluf.

Tracy, who has lived in Mallorca for 15 years, told The Sun Online: “It’s pathetic. It’s disgusting how they act.

“The place needs cleaning up but there’s no way of stopping them.”


“The young people who want to get drunk and have sex in the street, and goodness knows what else, they go to Magaluf and always will,” she added.

Over 15,000 fed-up locals have signed a petition against “anything goes, cheap tourism on the party island”.

And even Mayor Alfonso Rodriguez Badal has said enough is enough.

He has previously called on bars to do away with happy hours.

Badal is also worried about the selling alcohol at knockdown prices.

He said: “There are tourists who would be best off not coming if all they’re looking for is the sort of debauchery which is banned where they’re from.”

Badal continued: “What can we expect from people who have at their disposal all the alcohol they can drink at reduced prices, after a day drinking limitless amounts of free beer?”

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