Things you have never know about Miss Bum Bum 2017


More than 17 million Brazilians voted for their country’s sexiest backside last year,MISS BumBum garners worldwide attention like few other beauty pageants ever could as a host of booty-full babes hope to be crowned “best bottom in Brazil”.

When is Miss BumBum 2017?

Judging officially started on August 7, and the hopefuls are still battling it out for votes.Currently the people are able to select their favourite girl from a shortlist on the website.In 2015, the contest started with 27 Miss BumBum contestants, which was whittled down to a final selection after two voting rounds.

Last year the final was held in November so there is plenty of time for the girls to rack up votes.The competition is set to be “more elegant” this year – with bums bigger than 107cm BANNED from this year’s contest.Last year it was Erika Canela, from Bahia, who was crowned winner after the fiercely fought contest.

Erika, who has a 42inch bottom, took home a £18,000 prize and a lucrative modelling contract.The curvy 20-year-old was the first black woman to win the popular beauty pageant in which more than 17 million Brazilians vote for their country’s sexiest backside.

Previous winner Suzy Cortez, was on hand to crown the new Queen of Curves with her coveted title.Suzy became an internet sensation after winning the gong last year by posting several saucy snaps – in which she is often half-nude – on social media

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