This Bum is not for sell : The woman with big booty in Africa revealed the shocking claim after turning down $ 35k for one night sex



An Ivory Coast-born model with a backside that would make your eyes pop out and curves that could give Kim Kardashian a complex has earned an army of online fans thanks to her saucy snaps and videos but now she said that het butt is not for everyone.

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The  stunning  Eudoxie Yao still made the buzz on social networks. She made a shattering exit concerning baller who wanted her to have a love night together. The Ivorian web star said he had refused the advances of a rich man from Saudi Arabia  who offered him the sum of 20 million CFA francs = $ 35 K. She gives the reasons for her refusal.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "eudoxie yao"

In an interview with Go Magazine, Eudoxie Yao claimed to have refused  $ 35 K. According to her, she is not for sale and wanted to be clear about this matter. Eudoxie Yao claimed to have refused this money because a friend of her had already seen this in a dream and the consequences were worse.

“I will tell you today why I refused the money of this Saudi Arabian rich . I have a friend of mine who made a dream in which she said she saw me with a white man. And this man had given me a large sum of money. But shortly after taking this money, according to this friend, I fell seriously ill to the point of losing my life … Some time later I meet the Saudi Arabian   as in the dream story  he offered me 20 million FCFA (=35531.4000 US Dollar) for one night sex . Automatically I refused, “said Ivorian celebrity star.



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