Tommy Lee and his naughty girlfriend Brittany Furlan caught HAVING SEX in a plane… they are INDUCTED INTO MILE HIGH CLUB


Tommy Lee can vouch for American Airlines, because he definitely got something special in the air.

The Motley Crue drummer and Brittany Furlan had one last hurrah as they left Nassau by slinking into the first class bathroom of an AA jet, and lingering for a long, long time … passengers say at least 20 minutes.


The passengers were pissed off, but there was clearly no pissing in the lavatory … just a little turbulence.

They tried to make a discreet exit, with Tommy walking out first and Brittany lingering inside for around 25 seconds before emerging with a s***-eating grin.

Here’s what makes it even better. The flight to Miami took a grand total of 65 minutes.



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