Try not laugh or grin


have you ever pranked someone ? it’s kinda awesome. Maybe you have never pranked your homeboy/homegirl but you have failed,remember the day you were too young and try to copy  old people’s action like lifting body building stuffs but finall you become enable to lift them up. if this have never happened with you then you didn’t really feel your childhood like Dan and everyone from us.


“I remember the first time i tried to broke the small brick that my dad used to brick while he was training in Wadorio  sessions ,in Dojo,i was wondering that my head was too tough to do that,i was a little boy the time i didn’t even realeaze how hard it was to do so and i just beat up my head as dad used to do ,instead of breaking it i felt a deep Pain” chinese  Dan who is currently 20 years Old speaks about how he failed while trying to imitate his Daddy.

this didn’t only happen to Dan  because everyone between us used to prank each other, when we were little ones and it was fun but to the level  someone would have grinned while watching us fails as little boys or girls!

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