Us Actress Chocks her fans as she flashes her VAGINA TATTOO on Instagram (pics


Maitland Ward is known for being one of the naughtiest actress out there, she even has been had some problems with Snapchat because her pics but this didn’t stop as she tries to push limits every time she post something.

Recently she has been posting some racy pics and she appears to have a tattoo down there on her…. (you know what i mean)

Despite having received many negative critics, there are some fans who did like what they saw, i mean they even want to see more.

One fan begged her to show more flesh, writing: “Nice tattoo Maitland, care to show more of it?”

While another couldn’t resist drawing attention to her bust too, writing back: “Damn I want to see more of that tattoo down below. Very nice breasts by the way.”

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