Very emotional video that has got many people across the World crying for 30 secs


As i grew up my elders always mentioned that the World has gotten cruel and that it was not going to stop. A few years later i started to notice it by myself; homeless children, rich people exploiting the poor, endless wars caused by selfishness and people forgetting that they have something in common which is what runs in their veins. People in return take this cruelty as an excuse for being selfish, for being merciless, and for being unkind.

Being kind has never killed anyone. Being kind is by far the most satisfying feeling one can ever have.

Nowadays human beings have adapted the “Tit for Tat” principle as their way of living principle, for one must give something in return for a service or any action done in favor of the subject which makes it very rare to see kind people nowadays; people who can do a favor for someone and don’t expect something in return.

People like this are often considered as angels who fell from the sky. When you perceive these people closely, you find that they are human beings like us and we are no better than them; on the contrary, they are  better than us.

These people are better than us, for they get a satisfaction which we shall never ever have not unless we quit the” Tit for Tat” principle. They live happily; this happiness is a satisfaction or rather a reward that comes after one has done something good or right.

This emotional video prooves to the World that you can live happily by doing good for others and expect nothin from them…

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