Video of a baker making a cake with a galaxy inspired mirror glaze melts the internet


There’s something utterly mesmerising about watching a cake being made, which is perhaps why the Great British Bake Off is so popular.

It also explains the success of a new viral video where a three-tier cake has beautiful marble-style icing poured over it.

More than 11,000 people on Reddit have upvoted the entrancing video, which shows purple liquid icing being made in a jug before it is poured over a chocolate cake.

Professional baker Kesenia Penkina filmed herself making a mirror glazeThe truly satisfying and mesmerising video then shows her then pouring it over a chocolate cake

The mirror glaze the baker makes is made up of different shades of purple which makes a marbled effectShe finishes the cake off with dazzling gold leaf

The end result is quite frankly stunning, and the cake looks like the night sky.



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