VIDEO: Woman brutally beats teenager in school; gets arrested after video goes viral


In the 15-second long clip, the older lady is seen brutally beating up the teenager, till a couple of guys drive her away. The girl’s mother shared the video on Facebook with the hope of identifying the woman. Soon the local police had tracked her down and she was arrested.

A video of a woman beating a girl has gone viral on social media when the mother of the girl being hit asked Netizens help identify the older lady through a Facebook post. In her initial post, Julie Piñon said that she was unaware as to why the her daughter was being attacked and explained that her daughter chose not to retaliate ‘because she didnt want to disrespect’ the older woman.

Later, she updated the post explaining the full story.

“A kid by the name of Roel Garza, who goes to my daughter’s school, spread a disgusting rumor about my daughter that was untrue. My daughter, feeling violated, confronted him. Roel is the one who called that girl, Virginia to come and beat up my daughter. She showed up at my daughter’s school with her mom, Mary Alice munquia, knowing my daughter was still there for volleyball practice. Virginia approached my daughter and a fight started, the fight my daughter won. Virginia’s mother apparently couldn’t handle the defeat and decided to attack my daughter. My daughter did not want to fight the woman back, partly out of respect, and also because the woman clearly had an entourage that would have, without a doubt, hurt my daughter even worse.”

In the 15-second long clip, the older lady is seen holding on to the teenager’s hair and repeatedly punching her.

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