When celebrities are alone : MTV girl Zahida Allen reveales that she needs to try sex toy  and anal beads 


Zahida Allen is an actress from Newcastle,UK,she starred in MTV serie called “Ex on the beach”

The outspoken MTV gal has revealed to dairystar the love she has to sex toys .

“I would be open to it……When I first teamed up with  Condom, some people took the micky out of me, but it didn’t bother me as it is something that I believe in – safe sex..“I wouldn’t mind doing something like sex toys,” the northern girl continued.I think it is interesting, I like to have fun…….I could release a rabbit or anal beads by Z……Zahida laughed: “It sounds like a plan, I’ll do my own range.”

“I’ve tried the Banana Split and Tropical Punch flavoured ones,” the star revealed.

“My favourite is the glow in the dark one, as you can have a joke with it – I found it funny.”

“On a serious note we get on so so well, having the time apart made me realise he is the one.

“I have so much fun with him he is actually my best friend as well as my boyfriend.

“I feel lost without him.” she told Dairystar

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