When LOVE is not talking anymore!


Love is mostly viewed as a strong emotion of an attraction towards something or someone which goes hand in hand with romanticism. In love, when both sides feel the same way for each other they mingle up and form a couple; in this case they might even proceed to getting a baby and make a family.

All these starts with a crush and then the courageous party takes a step forward to pledge his or her love for the other one but according to beliefs, it said that the male is the one who should always pledge his love for the female. This not only brings up some shameful situations like when the female is not feeling the same way but also might lead to an amazing couple failure due to shyness and  uncertainty that the one you love feels the same way as you do. What would be your reaction incase you proposed to the girl of your dreams and they say no? how about if they slap you as a response?


Imagine how the World would be amazing and a happy place if this universal law was abolished; where any party would pledge love to the other one regardless of the age, sex, tribe or nationality…

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