When Sex broke The Taboo: Woman used to have sex with her own father before she become the wife of her brother (Sad Story )

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Stephania Nyirangwabije  from Rwanda,East Africa used to have  sexual intercourse  with her father since she was 13,after certain time of sleeping with her dad, Stephania got pregnant and then after she gave a birth to her first child, a son.

Her father died shortly after that she gave a birth to their son

Stephania got picked by her own brother and made her his wife

Stephania and her own Brother gave birth to 7 children

One of their children died of kwashiorkor

They are struggling to put food on the table ,sometime they don’t even have a lunch and supper


Sad part of story

Today Stephania is HIV positive and she is a wife of her own brother,Niyonsenga Prothogene  whom they had 7 children together, her Brother who is her husband simultaneously has several side chicks

“ I had no chance at the time, I’m contaminated with HIV and multiple STD ,I couldn’t find another  man ……My brother cheats on me “ she said

The pair both pleaded guilty to two counts of incest.

Incest is not the first time in Rwanda because in 2013 ,Man was  Held Over Incest With 15-Year-Old Daughter

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