When you are drunk you can’t retain your Junk : Drunk couple of tourists caught having public sex as they are being shamed all over social media

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when you are drunk you can’t retain your Junk:

The Sun Reports that Boozy Brits caught having public sex in Magaluf and then a being shamed on a Facebook page dedicated to outing boozed-up tourists

here is The sun’s report ”

Shocking photos shared on the page show young men and women getting up close and personal in the streets and nightclubs of the notorious resort.

This pair were caught at it on a daylight  in the party resort

The side of a road was this couple’s location of choice

The couple were seen getting cosy on a pavement



This woman was seen getting her kit back on in the Spanish tourist hotspot

This young woman apparently couldn’t wait to get home

This couple were also seen getting it on on a pavement

The cheeky site, Maga Walk of Shame, is a massive hit with holiday reps and has quickly attracted thousands of followers.

The page also features pictures and videos, posted by other tourists, of half-naked girls walking back to their hotels and holiday apartments after a wild night out.


Many look worse for wear as they stagger down the main strip the morning after a big night.A Walk of Shame is defined in the Urban Dictionary as “walking back home the day after an unplanned casual sexual encounter, typically dressed in the same clothes as the previous evening”.Highlights include those still dressed to the nines walking past other holidaymakers enjoying their breakfasts.

One rep said: “They used to say what happens in Magaluf stays in Magaluf… but not anymore. These photos will give some a lasting reminder of the best holiday of their lives.

This party girl tackles some steps the morning after a big night out

It looks like these two didn’t bother with their costumes for an early morning dip

These girls star in the ultimate Walk of Shame photo
One 20-year-old worker at the infamous Spanish resort, who asked to remain anonymous, said it’s just a “bit of banter”.

Speaking to , he said: “If you’re going to go to Magaluf, expect to be on it. It is just a bit of banter and a bit of a joke.

“None of the girls seem to mind and mostly just have a laugh along with it.”

Last week we told how rowdy Brits tearing up the Magaluf strip this summer have sparked crisis talks as local officials try to crack down on boozed-up tourists.

The sun-soaked Majorca resort has been packed with revellers as the summer season heats up.

However, violence and disorder led British and German diplomats being summoned for a meeting with Spanish officials on the party island to discuss how to clamp down on the excesses of young visitors.

This follows the local council revealing a list of 64 banned activities including public boozing and climbing trees and buildings — threatening fines of up to £2,600 for breaches.


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