WHoa! Celebs who were Caught drunk As hell in public (+video)

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Let’s be honest, who hasn’t had a bit too much to drink on a night out? The worst that can happen is we have to hand out a lot of apologies the morning after, delete a few embarrassing social media posts and ask friends to remove drunken pictures of us. By the next day there is no trace of damage other than a sore head and a dry mouth. For celebrities this isn’t always the case as their lives tend to be so closely documented there is usually someone ready to capture the worst moments.

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Britney Spears


Britney spears is one of  drunken masters who went overboard on the drink which will make you feel instantly better about the last time you got a little – crazy.

There is a popular saying online: “If Britney can get through 2007 then you can get through today”. It was her ‘comeback’ performance at the MTV awards that year that lead people to speculate about her health. She walked around the stage looking confused, wearing just her underwear whilst obviously lip-synced along to her song Gimme More. In a book written by Steve Dennis about the Toxic star he wrote, “Britney herself managed to ruin the most important performance of her life. Hours before the show, her anxieties raged. She decided it was a good idea to start drinking tequila shots to calm her nerves – one after the other”.

It was not just this drunken incident that had the world talking because she had already begun partying late into the night with Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. The trio terrorized the streets of LA being hounded by paparazzi who would chase them from bar to bar. They would look so rough in the early hours of the morning that the tabloids even re-named them the “trainwreck triplets”. After all three ladies eventually landed in rehab it was time to say goodbye to each other’s bad influences. We don’t blame Britney for ditching her party crew as everyone has that one friend that always leads you astray.

Anyway it’s not only Britney,Hilton,Lohan because there are also Chris Brown,Lil Wayne,Kim Kardashian,and many more just watch this video to see the power of alchol later tonight .




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