Women’s bikini pics melts down the net and has got some tips to share

When you eat well and work out, it’s easy to maintain a trim figure.

But one woman’s recent Instagram post has shown the startling difference between doing cardio and doing weights at the gym.

Bikini designer, Karina Irby recently shared a before and after picture with her 615,000 followers.

viral photo
VIRAL: This photo has had nearly 30,000 likes

The Australian woman is skinny in the before photo and has more noticeable curves in the after photo.

She captioned the image: “Looking though old photos and I almost fell off my chair.

“Photo on the left is 18-year-old Karina, [I personally think] I was sickly skinny and unhealthy.”

Karina continued: “I’m so thankful I got educated and not just from a ‘looks’ perspective but from a health and fitness perspective.

“Not an ad, but a definite shout out to @bikini.body.burn for opening my mind and shoving some weights and protein in there.”

The 27-year-old credits her curvy physique solely to lifting weights and eating protein.

In prior posts, Karina has been candid about how she used to only do cardio during her workouts.

A post from June read: “I loved going for long runs. I had no idea about what foods I should be eating and no idea about health and fitness in general.

“I wasn’t eating nearly enough of the right food, or food at all to be fuelling my body.”viral instagram

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