Your heart may fly out of your chest

Our hearts beat like they want to fly out of our Chests, our legs shake and some of us sometime peeing on themselves, the hair around neck stand up ,and we start sweating all over the body, this is what roller coasters bring in our life but we still riding them. Why are  we coming back to something which make us feel terrified to the extreme level? why are we chasing best feelings out of those fates  (Rafts) of engineers which sometime kill?

Maybe you have ridden  in a roller coaster or you have never tried but how do you feel ? Imagine if you used to ride in simple roller coasters in those minor parks but now this? this is a whole new different thing, it has been recorded as world’s fastest roller coaster. We all like the feelings of roller coasters but pay attention: some of the roller coasters have been linked to several deaths and numerous injuries overtime i.e the victim was Keith Shirasawa. The 53-year-old had his neck broken by the sheer force of the first drop and died in hospital days later; this happened in Brooklyn. Any accident may be caused by either their tremendous speed or a seat belt problem so watch out when you are going to ride any high speed machine…

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